Membership Overview

Tap into more sales opportunities. Every day.

Members get access to cutting edge technology and valuable resources.

Our automated platform handles the entire journey, from onboarding and setup, through campaign launch, fulfillment, performance reporting and optimization. Take advantage of the connections to well-known brands to drive more attention for your business.

Exclusive Territory

Invited businesses will claim a 50,000 person exclusive territory to advertise their business. Exclusivity is determined by business category and ads are geofenced.

Connect with Popular Brands

Member businesses are connected with well-known brands to create sales opportunities. Travel, sports, entertainment brands and more are available.

Customized Materials

A brand showcase including business logo, imagery and colors are collected. These assets are used to create all campaign ads, emails, profile pages and more.

Automated Communications

Ads, emails and seasonal campaigns will automatically deploy for your business on a monthly basis. Email leads will be captured, and can be accessed in the member portal.

Online Experiences

A profile page, an email capture form, and a digital credits system are generated by the platform using business branding curated during the onboarding experience.

Member Success Tools

Campaign kits, a performance dashboard, access to email leads and contact tools are available in the member portal and distributed in member communications.

Connect to brands shoppers love.

Draw more attention to your business with offers from big brands in entertainment, sports, travel, retail, and more.

Save time and money with our membership.

If an individual business tried to replicate all of the monthly services available to members, it would easily cost over $2,000 a month.

Brand Affinities:


Graphic Design:


Advertising Costs


Online Properties:




Total Value: $2,300/mo.

Membership starts at $129/mo.

Monthly membership tiers make it accessible for all businesses.

Whether you are a one-person shop or have a team of 10 people working for you, we have different levels of service to help you compete.

50,000-Person Exclusive Territory
Custom Brand Showcase
Merchant Success Portal
Big Brand Affinities
Seasonal Campaigns
Extended Territory (up to 25 miles)
Email Your Fans
Bring Your Own Offer
Anytime Access to Email Leads
Automated Marketing: Ads, Emails, and Online Experience



per month



per month

Our focus is independent, local businesses.

Our members range from restaurants, to hair salons, apparel stores, home & garden services and more!

We welcome independent businesses that have a physical store or a service truck, and are not part of a national chain, franchise or MLM company.

US based businesses only.

Meet our members.

Small business owners face tough problems everyday. With Fanbank, members are getting ahead of their competition.

Rebecca Shelton
Shelton Wellness Center
Mesa, AZ

"The week before I found Fanbank, I said to my husband, 'I need someone to help.' I put it out into the universe, and here came this miracle called Fanbank."

Oliva Lomax
Delta Groove Yoga
Memphis, TN

"I reach my customers in a way I never could before. I win, my customers win, everybody wins here."

Moses Araiza
E2K Barber Studio
Pasadena, CA

"I’ve never had a company help me like this. Every season, every holiday customers think of me."

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